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PowerFLEX MSR IP Multi-Standard, Low-Power IoT Radio

The PowerFLEX Multi-Standard Radio (MSR) IP introduces a single wireless connectivity solution for all of the world’s 5G IoT devices. It’s ground-breaking architecture, allows for vast frequency agility across a broad range of radio standards, without compromising RF performance.

The PowerFLEX MSR IP supports all leading edge wireless IoT protocols
such as GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth LE,
Zigbee, Wi-Fi HaLow & LTE NB-IoT. It
has been built to enable the next
generation of integration by driving
down Bill-Of-Material costs for 5G
and IoT applications, via the
integration of RF and all associated
costly board components, onto a
single digital SOC.

Leading efficiency

PowerFLEX employs a configurable ultra-low power RF front-end and baseband AFE architecture that optimizes power and performance, per protocol.

Robust flexibility

PowerFLEX employs a wide tuning, dual loop synthesizer that allows flexible operation over all IoT frequency bands.

Ease of integration

PowerFLEX integrates all costly board level RF and power management components into a single, easy to integrate IP.

Complete IP solution

PowerFLEX integrates both the RF and Baseband AFE/ DSP to deliver a complete multi-standard PHY for IoT wireless connectivity. PowerFLEX includes the AlphaWave Master Controller, which provides a flexible microcontroller for firmware configurability across a multitude of applications.

ParameterDesign Specification
Frequency Bands

700 – 2700 MHz

Receiver Sensitivity

Greater than -105dBm sensitivity

TX Output Power

Up to 10dBm peak

Power Needs

Integrated power management for either 1V or 3V battery operation.

Devices Used

Standard CMOS digital devices.

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