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ChipCORE VSR MSS IP 10-112Gbps Low Power PHY

The Alphawave ChipCORE VSR MSS IP is a VSR optimized SerDes architecture that supports data center standards up to 112Gbps PAM4. The ChipCORE is a companion IP to the AlphaCORE IP, delivering the worlds lowest power interface at the industry’s highest I/O density for short reach optical interconnects.

Targeted for 15-18dB of channel
loss, the ChipCORE delivers a
power-optimized, fiber IP solution
that yields more than 600Gbps of
data throughput per millimeter of
Silicon perimeter.

High speed performance

ChipCORE employs a low noise, high speed analog front end that delivers performance and configurability to support both PAM4 and NRZ signalling

Low power architecture

ChipCORE delivers 60% power savings in short reach applications compared to the leading long reach SerDes, while still providing robust equalization for off-chip interfaces

Sub-sampling clock multiplier

ChipCORE CDR employs a wide tuning, sub-sampling clock multiplier that can track hundreds of ppm frequency error and provide continuous tracking

Industry Standard Support

ChipCORE eliminates the need for costly proprietary interface solutions by delivering high density low power support for both VSR and XSR IEEE and OIF standards

ParameterDesign Specification
Receive Equalization

Designed for XSR/VSR based systems up to 18dB of insertion loss at Nyquist for PAM4. ChipCORE includes a blind adaptive receive equalizer

IO Density

ChipCORE delivers an astounding 500Gbps of IO density per millimeter of Silicon

Power Optimization

Built for high performance, ChipCORE is capable of delivering equalization for up to 18dB VSR channels, while consuming less than 2mW/Gbps


Supports 1, 4, 8, 16 lane configurations, different IP options available for north/south versus east/west orientations. ChipCORE also supports multiple rows of stacking for high density applications, and can also support multiple different metal options for SOC flexibility

Devices Used

Standard CMOS digital devices

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