A proven approach

Alphawave’s deep technical experience delivering leading edge analog-mixed-
signal IP products allows us to seamlessly deliver the world’s most complex
connectivity solutions, ready for high volume production.

  • Quality
    and Reliability

    Mature third-generation DSP architecture is built to support Global Tier One customers in vertical markets that demand the highest quality and reliability

  • Configurability

    Multi-standard support enables latest technology adoption (IEEE, PCIe, CPRI, 5G) while still supporting legacy infrastructure

  • Industry Leading Metrics

    The lowest area and power in the industry – while also delivering industry-leading configurability for the longest of channels

  • Easy Integration

    Alphawave delivers a comprehensive package of SOC and signal integrity IP deliverables, including Verilog, GDS, timing, DFT and physical IP models. Alphawave also delivers Silicon correlated IBIS-AMI models for signal integrity simulations

  • Unprecedented Flexibility

    Our AFE and custom DSP engines were architected to support all datacenter and base station serial standards. A single, multi-standard IP solution not only accelerates SOC design times but also significantly reduces production risks

  • World Class

    Along with Alphawave ASTRO, our proprietary, user-friendly diagnostic and programming software, all customers receive direct integration support from Silicon design to volume production

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