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*PAM4 Eye from our 7nm silicon

Alphawave is a team of technology industry veterans and engineers with a nearly 20 year history of building successful Silicon/IP teams. Founded in 2017, Alphawave has already seen strong success and impact in delivering proven Silicon in leading 7nm processes. Profitable since day one, Alphawave is investing heavily in our existing and future products. This has already resulted in Alphawave building one of the most technologically exciting and fastest growing businesses in the history of semiconductors.

Connect the
next generation
of devices

Our unique, DSP based, multi-standard connectivity Silicon IP solutions leverage years of experience and R&D to build the most power efficient, high performance solution available on the market to enable devices of the future.

  • Proven

    For nearly 20 years, our team has delivered industry leading IPs globally. With our third generation architecture that is now being deployed in production in 7nm technology, we provide industry-leading connectivity solutions for all the world’s devices.

  • Global Footprint

    Headquartered in Canada, and with a global footprint including China, Europe, Korea, and the United Kingdom, our technology can be deployed and supported in any geography and end-market.

  • Simplicity

    Our IPs are delivered in an easy to integrate package with comprehensive documentation and software to keep your team agile and moving fast.

  • Support

    Our team provides world class engineering support – Seamless end-to-end SoC integration all the way from Silicon design to high volume production.

Led by Industry Veterans

The Alphawave founding team has worked together for nearly 20 years and has a long heritage of building dynamic and innovative Silicon IP businesses that leverage the most advanced technologies. Our diverse global team consists of over 50 people speaking over 20 languages and hailing from 14 nations and six continents. We are proud of our commitment to ethnic, national, and gender diversity.

Tony Pialis

Tony Pialis

President & Chief
Executive Officer
Raj Mahadevan

Raj Mahadevan

Chief Operating Officer
Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan Rogers

Senior Vice President,

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A Global Footprint

Our head office is located in downtown Toronto, Canada and we have recently expanded into China, Europe, Korea and the United Kingdom. This global footprint enables us to deploy and support our technology in any geography and end-market.


170 University Ave, Suite 1001
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5H 3B3
Tel: 416-477-2113


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